Realtor Advice: All DC condos need a shutoff valve

A common repair issue for all dc condominiums is leaking pipes. The cause for a majority of these pinhole leaks is the city's "hard water." DC city water is high in calcium deposits which promote corrosion of copper piping. When these pinhole leaks occur it can happen in multiple places along the condominium building's piping which can lead to increased water damage and mold to other units.

In order to mitigate water damage in a timely manner, I recommend that all dc condo owners install their own individual shutoff valves in their unit. Many buildings share a common water line and when water emergencies occur it can take hours if not days to organize a building water shutoff to fully repair any piping leaks. This delay to shutoff and drain the pipes leads to increase damages and cost. The person who is responsible for the cost of damages to all units is the unit where the source of the pinhole is found.

 Always remember, in condominiums the unit owner is financially responsible for everything inside their four walls including the building pipes and wires according to their condominium bylaws and regulations.

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