“A professional.”

I was a first-time homebuyer and clueless about buying a home. Mr. Trotman took the time to explain the homebuying process in-depth. Jason Trotman was a professional and kept me informed throughout the whole experience. I was most impressed in his tenacity and persistence in catering to my needs. It is rare to find someone who takes such pride and joy in their work. I enjoyed the experience and I look forward to the next transaction with Mr. Trotman.

Kourtney Kemp

“Far Exceeded My Expectations.”

I did not know much about leasing commercial real estate. Jason, took his time and answered all of my questions.  He was VERY responsive and proactive.  The result--my property was leased in record time.  I will certainly use Jason again and have already recommended him to family, friends, and associates.

Keith Washington

“Amazing service!”

We don’t like writing things like this but the service was truly above and beyond expectations; that we felt it right to give acknowledgment when it’s due. As a first time home buyer, my wife and I had so many questions and we felt other realtors were out to take advantage of that fact and were not honest so we were worried about finding a realtor that was not going to take advantage of us, look out for our best interest and help my wife and I find the home that we wanted for our family for the right price.

We met Mr. Trotman through an advertisement and requested references and we have to agree with what they said; his knowledge of the real estate business, professionalism and code of ethics ensured us that he was concerned only about our interest and not what he can gain from the purchase. He was available to answer any question honestly at any time, and gave us the true “cause and effects” of any decision that had to be made regardless of who it affected, which helped us make the right decision for our family. He even helped my Mom sell her house in New York City.

Michael and Etana Simmons


Jason is a consummate professional who ensured my homebuying experience was a smooth transaction. He is readily available at a moment’s notice.

— Mark Balanquit


Extremely personable and a delight to work with.”

Being first-time home-buyers, and not having been resident in the US for too long made both my wife, Edna and I quite apprehensive about the whole process. Jason was kind enough to walk us through the whole process (literally, at times). Jason found us exactly what we had specified very quickly. Jason is extremely personable and a delight to work with. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to friends, and in fact already have, many times over!! 

Peter Gitei

“Looking out for my best interest.

I was referred to Jason as a first time home buyer. Jason is very professional and he left no doubt in my mind that he was looking out for my best interest through out the whole process. He was always available even when it was not convenient for him and he would make sure that I was at ease with the whole process and seemingly went out on a limb to make sure that I would achieve exactly what was comfortable and affordable for me. 

Shauna Proctor


“Good communicator.”

My husband and I had the pleasure a working with Mr. Trotman for the purchase of our first home. His professional demeanor and ability to articulate the home buying process provided us with a sense of security. He was patient with all our anxieties about purchasing and was able to put our minds at ease.

Additionally, I have worked with Jason on the settlement side as a title agent. I respected his efforts to provide information for his clients in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Mr. Trotman for all your real estate needs…”Trust Trotman”…he’s the man to get the job done!

Marsha and Melvin Thomas

“Attentive, Persistent, and Dedicated!”

I was fortunate enough to meet Jason Trotman through a mutual friend at dinner one night. The topic of conversation was the difficult time I was having getting in touch with my real-estate agent, it must have been fate because Jason mentioned he was a real estate agent and we went out looking for my new home the very next day. Jason took me out rain or shine and braved blizzards just to accommodate my crazy work schedule. Jason was attentive, persistent and dedicated. The epitome of what you want in a real estate agent. In fact the only reason the seller accepted my bid was because they wanted a smooth transition with no surprises and even they realized Jason makes things happen. I recommend him to anyone who wants a positive experience in an unfriendly market. 

Monica Nieves


“Hard work and determination.”

We came to know Jason Trotman, of Realty Pros, late last fall when we were transferred from the DC area overseas. On top of everything else going on in our lives the last thing we needed to deal with was selling our property. After speaking with several real estate agents, Jason’s knowledge of the market, reliability and professionalism made us decide to list with him.

Jason truly went above and beyond to bring potential buyers to our property in a time when real estate was nowhere close to its peak. We left the country and left Jason in charge. Being so far away could have been a very frustrating situation, but Jason kept us extremely well informed via email and telephone calls as he continued to bring clients through. His hard work and determination resulted in a quick sale which went through seamlessly.

Thank you so much, Jason, for the time and dedication you spent on our property. We truly appreciate all you have done.

Cindy and Marco Macias

“Extremely knowledgeable!”

I was extremely pleased with the entire home buying experience I had working with Jason Trotman. He is extremely knowledgeable always kept me informed and was a skilled Realtor. I felt confident at all times knowing that he was representing me and my best interests throughout the entire process.

Buying a home can be a trying experience, particularly when you are purchasing by yourself for the first time. His support, guidance and attention to detail over the past several months was wonderful. I truly appreciated the professionalism Jason exhibited throughout the entire process and give him my highest recommendation without reservation.

Thank you Jason, for all of your help — you did a remarkable job!

Joanna Calabrese

“Jason is the Best!

Jason was great to work with. He made himself available at any time of a day. Fast responses to emails and texts. He knew the market and what I was looking for. Two days after my settlement, power was disconnected at the my new home. He stepped in to help with arranging generator at the last hour to help me out. He is the best! 

Daniela Soldo

“Jason is always accessible!

Working with Jason was an incredible experience. He always returns phone calls, texts, emails, is very knowledgeable and absolutely listens to what you want. Best part is, he's always there to help, even after closing. I highly recommend working with Jason for all your real estate needs! 

Rebecca Sable


“Highly recommend.

My wife and I are newlyweds.  On a whim, we went looking for homes and found a condo that we fell in love with.  Against my better judgement, my wife convinced me that through this process, we would need a professional realtor to help push us through the rest of the home buying experience.  I was skeptical.  I ended up being wrong.

Jason started this story as a friend of a friend that had recommended him to us, but through the passed month and a half, he is just as good as family.

Knowing nothing about the home buying process anywhere - let alone DC - JT as we call him, brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.  He helped calm my wife down by letting her know the true value of the place we had decide to buy.  He helped educate me on the thousands of finer points in real estate.  And he helped us buy our first home.

He was available at all hours - even on a very important day for he and his family (JT, you know what I mean).  He pushed along more paperwork than I thought was possible (which was invaluable, because we would've stood no chance in knowing what to do).  And he is an extremely likable guy, in general.

We can't speak for what he is like in the actual searching of properties, but if he demonstrates the same knowledge and professionalism in that aspect as he did in the negotiating, inspecting, helping us get a contractor, and closing of our new home - you are in good hands.

Any friends that we have looking for a place to live in the DC area will be routed to JT, and we recommend you do the same.

Jake and Liz Bourgualt

“Helpful and Candid.

First time home-owner in Virginia. Jason was incredibly helpful and candid. He was incredibly knowledgeable in the home-buying process and made it incredibly easy to find a home that my wife and I both liked.

John Cole

“Extremely Experienced.

I was a first-time home owner here in DC and as Colombian woman who had no clue about the whole home-buying process in the United States, I had a great experience thanks to Jason Trotman.  He patiently explained the whole process to me and even helped me go through every single document that I had to sign, and I felt that he was watching out for me.  He is an extremely experienced, serious and human professional and I'd recommend it to anyone who needs to buy a home.

Carolina Romero

“Technologically Savvy.

My wife and I came to know Jason after working with a different agent who didn't understand our needs as first time home buyers. Jason answered our silliest questions and he didn't put ANY pressure on us throughout the process. He was responsive to our emails and phone calls. He is technologically savvy. He worked hard for us and his enthusiasm was contagious. Simply put Jason is a knowledgeable genuine individual who will go to bat for you. At the end of the process I came to consider him a friend. I highly recommend using his services and will recommend him to all of my other friends.

Alex Fernandez